Our Chapter House

For nearly 100 years, undergraduate members of the Alpha Chapter have lived in two houses near the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, 619 and 621 N Lake St. They are where we congregate for meetings and meals, initiate our new members, and provide opportunities for learning and growing. They are where we make lifelong friendships and where some even meet their future spouses. They are where we celebrate each other’s successes and gather to mourn brothers lost too soon. The houses have seen thousands of members walk through their doors, binding generations of brotherhood.

After decades of lovingly caring for them, Alpha Chapter has reached a point where the century-old houses are no longer livable due to significant structural issues and ever-increasing maintenance costs. While incredibly heartbreaking, this provided us a unique opportunity to ensure quality housing for future generations and retain the place we’ve called home for the last century.


Unfortunately, we are facing an increased cost of construction, depletion of our financial resources due to the unexpectedly long timeframe between vacating the previous houses and receiving city approval, and the uncharted territory of the unique mixed-use residential property we are constructing. We are exploring all financial options but will still need your help to make this a reality. When construction is complete, we look forward to officially inviting all brothers to help us create the next century of memories. Although the outside of the house will look different, that corner of Lake Street in Madison will always be the home of the Alpha Chapter of the Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity. If you wish to make a donation, please click here.