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Welcome to the Alpha Chapter!

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to UW system and Alpha Chi Sigma. Our chapter prides itself on the diversity of its membership and the different types of individuals. Whether it’s playing intramural sports or studying in the library, Alpha Chi Sigma offers a variety of activities that many different personalities have enjoyed and everyone who has can say that they are better after doing so. We sincerely hope you consider rushing Alpha Chi Sigma.


The members of the Alpha Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma

Why join Alpha Chi Sigma?

Through the efforts of its members, there has developed an organization – professional in stature and of national consequence – fully recognized and respected by members of the chemical profession. Membership is not a guarantee of success in chosen fields; neither is it true that all successful scientists belong to Alpha Chi Sigma. It is true, however, that being a member of Alpha Chi Sigma identifies one as a person of worthy ideals and capability.

Aside from the professional advantages offered by Alpha Chi Sigma, one will find that membership provides a catalyst for forming worthwhile, lifelong friendships. It has been said that there is nothing as fine as the affection an individual feels toward a true friend. Cementing such friendships is the First Object of Alpha Chi Sigma. This does not cease with graduation but continues throughout the years in the professional branch of the Fraternity. The rewards of Alpha Chi Sigma are open to every pledge, collegiate, and alumni if you will but enter the Fraternity spirit and work for them.

It is also hoped that many years from now when your initiation into this order is but a memory, you will remember with great fondness your personal discovery of this, your professional chemistry fraternity.

Benefits of Alpha Chi Sigma

  • Alpha Chi Sigma is one of a kind. We are the only professional chemistry fraternity in the United States. More than 100 years old with over 70,000 members, we bring together men and women pursuing a wide variety of chemistry-related careers.
  • Collegiate members benefit from a local group to not only help with their studies but also create projects and activities that teach the roles of leadership and management. We also provide an opportunity to create lifelong friendships with others interested in chemistry. Sometimes it's just nice to walk into a room and be able to tell a chemistry joke!
  • As a professional member, further opportunities for meeting other members can help with your employment, hiring, and relationships. Our professional members appreciate meeting others involved in chemistry outside of their workplaces and often outside of their field of work.

Alpha Chi Sigma National Headquarters

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